Keep Your Socks Lasting Longer

26 Apr , 2016
Follow these tips and you’ll see much better results with socks

Washing your socks used to be a task of minimal complications. Throw them in the washer and turn on the hot water. Simple, but it can wear down your socks really fast.

However, color socks can last a lot longer when you follow these tips and wash properly. Here’s how!

Step I: Pre-Wash

Separate your socks from the rest of your laundry. Turn them inside out and spray with a pre-wash stain remover like Shout, Spray-N-Wash or your favorite.

Step II: Wash

Place in the washing machine and wash on "gentle cycle, cold water" with a gentle detergent.

Step III: Dry

Place them in the dryer on “tumble dry low” for 15-20 minutes. Take them out and hang dry. The idea is to remove in-between damp and dry. Smaller sock loads require less time.

Step IV: Renew

Keep a good rotation of high-quality & premium socks. No matter how good of a job you do washing, there is an expiration on thread color. The more you wash, the faster socks wear out.

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