Dap Rogers Co.
DapRogers.com is an online men’s fashion accessory store, specializing in socks. We are dedicated to the artful styling of accessories to enhance one’s presentation and create a unique & sophisticated look.

In addition, to our own brand. Our small team of stylist’s hand-select merchandise from respected brands.

Develop Your Style
In addition to striving for a pleasurable online shopping experience, we want to help our clients also develop their own personal style. With advice and tips available through our Editorials, and daily Instagram inspiration posts, we aim to help you find the perfect accessories to compliment and personalize your wardrobe.

And ladies, for the man that is impossible to shop for, let us help with that too!

Our Vision
Our people have a shared vision for keeping fashion awareness a priority. At Dap Rogers we believe a man’s presence tells a story, and by including the fine details he adds that extra character to create a notable impression.

There is great pride in a man who values his overall appearance, and passing this on is important for future generations. Our desire is to keep that understanding alive.